Rick Ralston

Strategic Business Advisor

Rick Ralston is an accomplished C-level executive and board director with a 25+ year technology career distinguished by the capacity to turn around and scale technology companies.

He is a down-to-earth pragmatic director, advisor, and mentor who bridges the gap between strategic vision and operational execution. Rick is respected in the boardroom and by management as the credible voice of accountability.

His recent sector experience includes marketing tech, legal tech, and healthcare tech. Rick’s past roles include CEO, President, COO, Global COO, Board Chairman, Board Director, Advisory Board Member, and Interim CEO.

Most recently, Rick led the Boston-based legal tech SaaS company, Contract Logix, as CEO from 2017 to 2022. In this role he was responsible for leadership restructuring, investor and shareholder relations, FP&A modeling, and full P&L accountability. During his tenure at Contract Logix, the team successfully rebuilt the underlying technology, created a culture for cybersecurity, and passed audits for SOC2, HIPAA, FISMA, and PCI.

While serving as advisor to the board of the Boston-area-based healthcare tech SaaS company, Intellisoft, in 2019, Rick oversaw the M&A advisor selection process and acquisition by Symplr (Clearlake Capital and SkyKnight Capital).

Rick participated on the advisory board of Boston-based healthcare tech company, AMD Global Telemedicine, where he has overseen the executive compensation and incentive plans. While on the board of AMD, Rick mentored the leadership team through the development of software intellectual property and converting the company into a growth-focused SaaS business model.

As a board advisor to Boston-based marketing tech company iProspect, Rick crafted and facilitated the leadership selection and development process. He also guided the leadership team through the investment banker selection process and the subsequent acquisition by London-based publicly traded Aegis Media PLC (Dentsu).

After the iProspect acquisition, Rick joined Aegis Media in their London office as a Global COO and integrated buy-side acquisitions of marketing tech-enabled companies in France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, Hong Kong, Thailand, and The Netherlands.

Rick has held numerous other board seats and leadership roles including CEO of the health tech company Keycentrix, CEO of marketing tech company BlueStreak, and President of WebCentric (bottomdollar.com) where Rick led the team during a capital raise, investment bank selection, and the definitive merger agreement with Seattle-based NASDAQ-traded Network Commerce.

Rick earned an MBA from The University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a BS in human resource management from Friends University in Wichita, KS.

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