Take the Guessing Game Out of Decision Making

I help founders and CEOs get past execution plateaus, achieve growth goals, navigate challenges, and mitigate risks.

There are too many good products and services that die on the vine due to missing one or two key execution ingredients.

If you are struggling to hit your metrics while still managing the people side of the business, let’s talk.

How I Help Leaders Grow And Excel

Diagnose Metrics

Boost your abilities to identify and diagnose metric anomalies and take corrective action

Develop Leaders

Learn proven techniques to develop leaders with one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions

Inspire Action

Master effective communication and presentation skills to inspire action across your team and board

What They Are Saying

Madan Bharadwaj

CEO and Founder, M^2

I’ve known Rick for some 15 years, and somehow I always leave every conversation with him learning something new. His 30 years of operating experience and board experience shines through every interaction we have. I particularly enjoy tag teaming with him on business problems and analyzing it from different angles – through a P&L lens, then via a strategy lens and then via a board lens. It is an education!

There is a no-nonsense-brass-tacks sensibility he brings to these sophisticated conversations to cut through the noise and get me to decisions. As an exec dealing with challenging circumstances at every turn, I feel fortunate to have him in my corner.

AJ Centore, Ph.D.

Chairman and Founder, Thriveworks

For over 15 years, Rick Ralston has advised me through a myriad of business challenges.

Whether the presenting issue is related to workforce management, financing, navigating company growth, or anything else, Rick always offers accurate and insightful guidance.

Chad Sandstedt

CEO and Co-Founder, TagniFi

Rick has coached me through many tough decisions by helping me look at them from angles I would not have considered on my own.

His analytical approach combined with his significant industry experience make him an invaluable coach for technology executives looking to take both their company and their management skills to the next level.

After wrestling with a problem, I know I can call Rick for guidance because he has most likely been through the same challenge and knows the path worth taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short anwser is technology. But in reality, the best fit is a B2B SaaS business. The logic is based on scalability using tried and true metrics.

The short answer is C-level technology leadership looking to grow. But in reality, the best fit is any business who has plateaued and needs a fresh approach. 

Most people would think “growth stage” needing to scale. However, there is a huge opportunity for “mature” businesses that have hit a wall and need to make a significant shift. Could be a leadership change, ditching a legacy product line, a recap or raise, or maybe just missing key performance metrics.

Not specifically since leadership challenges rarely tend to be selective on verticals or sectors. Whether through leadership roles, board roles, or advising, my SaaS and technology experience covers Health Tech, Legal Tech, Marketing Tech and Energy.

Most engagements include 45 minute video calls every other week and emergency calls at any time. However, depending on the urgency and intensity of the leadership challenges, an engagement can include discussions every other day for a few weeks to solve a specific and serious issue.

You can reach out to me either via the Calendly form on this website or direct message me on LinkedIn. We will then have a quick video discussion over Zoom to talk about your challenges. During our call if we agree my experience aligns with your challenges, we can start routine weekly or bi-weekly calls.

Sorry, wish I could help, but going too deep on any one engagement jeopardizes the quality of time spent with everyone else. I would be happy to connect you within my network though. Or better yet, we can discuss coaching up one of your existing team members. That is ideal when possible.

Ready To Talk?

Is your company struggling to get the same growth as the rest of the world? Leadership team falling apart? Ready for an outside perspective? Let’s have a quick call to walk through the challenge.

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