Hi, I’m Rick. Over the years, I’ve been truly blessed to have worked with some extremely talented people. Pragmatic, down-to-earth folks who care about the business they are building and the people they have encouraged and motivated to join them in their journey.

A few years ago I surveyed around twenty of these talented founders and CEO’s. These were some of the people who had most influenced me. The survey was a very simple non-scientific request for advice. Each individual was asked the same question: “If you were talking to a young aspiring entrepreneur about their new startup, what would be your top three pieces of advice?”

The results were some phenomenal words of wisdom from years of experience and numerous failures and successes.

Build the team
The area most commonly referred to by these leaders was related to the selection of people. Here is a quote from one of the CEO’s: “Your growth is much more likely to be tied to individual, really great hires, than it is to any particular bright idea, strategy or invention you’ll create.”

Know your numbers
A second area was on the importance of knowing your numbers and making a solid plan. The founders and CEO’s would say things like: “If you aren’t a wizard with a spreadsheet, you better hire one or get smart.” Or other comments like: “Know your numbers. If you don’t, who does?”

Connect with the market
This is where the rubber hits the road. It is almost as if these business leaders were all using the same play book. This quote sums up their keys to success: “Engage potential customers as often as you can and evolve your product based on what your customers need.”

For nearly two decades I’ve been collecting leadership nuggets like these and have been helping small to medium sized businesses bring ethical solutions to challenging situations. This includes startups trying to get traction, growth phase businesses moving to the next level, mature businesses looking for a change, turnarounds, mergers and even wind downs.

My journey as a Business Advisor and Interim Leader has taken me to five continents and across several business sectors including; oil and gas, healthcare technology, digital media, and internet marketing technologies. My amazing wife Robin and I have been married for over 35 years. We have three wonderful adult children. I earned an MBA from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and have founded, co-founded, or held senior leaderships roles over a dozen entrepreneurial ventures.

It is my objective to help business leaders achieve their dreams, both professionally and personally. I would love the opportunity to share some of these experiences and join you on your business journey.